Donald Severe

We first met you as a result of our grandson being diagnosed with a very rare form of internal cancer. Very close friends of ours knew you and told us that we should talk to you about this rare cancer. My wife then gave you a phone call and you and your wife came to our house the next morning. You brought us a copy of the Cancer Wars book that you had written as well as one of your imagery tapes, which we immediately began to pursue. You also brought us information about our grandson’s cancer and mentioned two places that specialized in treating it. My son took him to one of these places and he got well. That was 5 years ago and our grandson remains cured to this day. Again, thank you.

We have visited with you a number of times over the past years. However, in the past February 2004, I informed you that it had been confirmed that I, too, had cancer. In October of 2003, my wife, Virginia, and I both came down with bad night and day cough. Our family doctor thought it was a viral chest infection that should abate in about two weeks. Hers did but mine did not. After three more weeks, I contacted my doctor and he advised an overnight hospital stay for a thorough run of tests – x-rays, blood, stool and urine. Three specialists all agreed that they could find no causative factor. Five days later, my family doctor, still determined to find the cause, noticed a very tiny spot on one lung that looked suspicious. An upper body scan confirmed it to be cancerous. I have thanked God many times for the viral cough that set in motion the events that led to catching this cancer early on while it was still small. I then went to a specialist in thoracic and peripheral vascular surgery. He recommended another x-ray, CT and PET scans, which confirmed that there had been no spread. We then contacted you and you were kind enough to come by with some of the new Seeds of Joy Foundation material, which I immediately took to heart. You could say that I was very well prepared mentally for the surgery in March. I have since been routinely checked on three month intervals, the last being a few days ago. I expect you can appreciate my thrill when the doctor walked in with a big smile and stated that he believed that I was cured of cancer. The material you gave me helped me to conquer the fear that was killing me early on by turning it into hope. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it could be proven (as I will forever believe) that a critical element in obtaining a cancer remission is no more complicated than the attitude and the way that a patient views the disease? Feel free to share this wonderful Christmas gift with any and all whom you think it might benefit. Again I wish to thank you and those nice folks of the Seeds of Joy foundation.