Recommended Reading

The following books make excellent reading to support some of the concepts put forth in this book. Not only are they informative as to details, they make excellent confidence builders. It is difficult to imagine positive results from an effort that is couched in skepticism and disbelief. The cognitive element, that portion of the thought process that allows for intellectual acceptance of a concept, simply has to be in tune for the effort to succeed.Results are far more promising when this acceptance is arrived at logically, rather than by little more than wishful thinking. These books recount story after story wherein credible people have used mind/body techniques to achieve results thought by the conventional wisdom of the medical community to be impossible. The reader is cordially invited to read these with an open mind and not fear to trust what experience indicates to be fact.

Anderson, Greg: “The Triumphant Patient”, 2000
Now out of print but well worth the hunt!!!

Benson, Herbert: “The Relaxation Response”, 1976

The basis for the relaxation exersizes

Cousins, Norman: “Anatomy of an Illness”, 1979

Oz, Mehmet: “Healing From The Heart”, 1998.

Pert, Candice: “Molecules of Emotion”, 1998.

Rossman, Martin L.: “Healing Yourself”, 1987

Siegel, Bernie: “Love, Medicine and Miracles”, 1986

Siegel, Bernie: “Peace, Love and Healing”, 1990

Silva, Jose: “You The Healer”, 1989

Simonton, O.C.: “The Healing Journey”, 1992

Weil, Andrew: “Spontaneous Healing”, 1995