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“Through the consistent application of the five key principles of the Seeds of Joy approach, the supposed terminal cancer patient has an outstanding chance of turning cancer into a manageable affliction. The principles are: up to date medical healing, love healing, mind healing, hope healing and a well-planned diet/exercise program.” - Gerald W. White -

Gerald is the author of the book “Cancer Wars – MAARS Journey” and is a ten year survivor of Stage IV Renal Cell Carcinoma (Kidney Cancer).

The program includes presentations by an Olympic Gold Medalist, an under-study of Mother Teresa and a prominent UCSF Oncologist (see program details).
January 11th 2004 – University of California, San Francisco
Laurel Heights Conference Center

January 11, 2004 Meeting Agenda
1:00 to 1:15 Welcome and introductory remarks. **Mali Rini

Mali is the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Department of Urologic Oncology of the USCF Comprehensive Cancer Center.
1:15 to 1:30 Video Commentary **Dr. Nick Vogelzang

Director of Cancer Research at the University of Chicago, Dr. Vogelzang’s accomplishments can best be read about on the Internet. His experience and up to date knowledge in the effective Medical treatment of a broad range of cancers is internationally known and respected.
1:30 to 2:00 The Dynamics of Hope **Paul Hait

President of American Innovation, Inc., inventor with over 60 patents and a Gold Medalist and World record setter in the l960 Rome Olympics. Mr. Hait overcame a back injury and subsequent paralysis sustained in an accident at Stanford University in 1959. He was 9 months recuperating from surgery in the summer of 1959. Disregarding the medical advice from a prominent UCSF diagnostician that he should never swim again, he went on to win a Gold Medal and set a world’s record in the breast stroke leg of the 4×100 Meter Medley Relay. He tells how HOPE plays a huge role in overcoming negative medical realities. Since 1975 he has shared a personally owned HOPE ring with thousands of people worldwide. He can document many cases where the passing along of Hope plays an important role in cancer remission and attitude change. He will share the ring and the medal along with inspirational true stories with all participants. Experience the thrill and uplifting of self-esteem that comes from putting an actual Olympic Gold medal around your neck!!

2:00 to 2:30 Mind/Body Medicine **Gerald White, P.E.

Jerry has recently finished a three-year term on the Board of Directors of the Kidney Cancer Association. He is a ten year survivor after the removal of a record setting 20 pound kidney cancer, clearly one of the more insidious forms of the disease, that subsequently went metastatic to surrounding organs. President of White Engineering Corp, he is an accomplished engineer, inventor, lecturer and writer. His cancer story is documented in his book, “Cancer Wars – MAARS Journey” which is available free on the Internet in both English and Chinese to patients all over the world. He has developed the MAARS (Mind Activated Antigen Recognition System) into a worldwide cancer-mentoring program. This program provides a cost free, proactive methodology for any cancer patient to use at his/her own direction to significantly augment their medical treatment. Hear how Jerry, who has been called by doctors a “walking miracle”, took charge of his “MANAGEABLE AILMENT” after treatment had failed and engineered his own winning program of Guided Imagery and spiritually based Mind/Body medicine.

2:30 to 2:45 Break

2:45 to 3:15 Recent Developments in Kidney **Brian Rini,M.D.

Cancer Research and Treatment

Dr. Rini is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of California San Francisco. He is with the Department of Urologic Oncology. His primary research interest is in renal cell carcinoma, focusing on immunotherapy and anti-angiogenesis approaches. He is an active member of numerous medical societies including the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the Genitourinary Core of the Cancer and Leukemia Group B Cooperative Oncology Group. Dr. Rini has authored over 40 publications and is the Principle Investigator of numerous protocols in Kidney and prostate cancer.

3:15 to 3:45 The Healing Power of Love **Mary Mathew Philip

Mary Mathew Philip is one of America’s truly remarkable, unselfish and caring Social Workers and advocate of the needy at all levels. For several years she worked in close association with Mother Teresa in Bombay, India. Upon coming to America, she continued to expand the sphere of influence of Mother Teresa’s program of LOVE and concern for her fellow man. She now works for the State of California and has been actively involved with the Red Cross, Habitat For Humanity and numerous other socially responsible help organizations for the poor, needy and afflicted. She brings new insights into how cancer may be fed by hate and healed by the Healing Power of LOVE.

3:45 to 4:15 Survivors Stories **Al Davis & Linda Siqveland

Al Davis is an Instructor of Music at Pasadena Community College. His well orchestrated battle with metastatic kidney cancer began in 1995. He is well today. Linda Siqveland, RN, LSN is a graduate of University of Minnesota School of Nursing. RCC first hit her in 1996 with subsequent mets over a long period of time She now appears to be at or near NED (no evidence of disease). She has over 30 years experience in working with inner city kids as a high school nurse.

Al and Linda are living examples of how cancer can be seen as a “Temporary Affliction” susceptible to attack by the Seeds of Joy program of Medical Healing, Hope Healing, Mind Healing and Love Healing interwoven with the patient’s own personal program of diet , exercise and personal faith.

4:15 to 4:30 Questions and Answers Panel

Paul Hait, Brian Rini, Gerald White, Mary Philip, Al Davis, Linda Siqveland



Ten years ago, Gerry White was presented with a record 20 pound Kidney Cancer. A second surgery was necessary for an unexpected recurrence. Then came the usual mets to other organs. Eight solid months of Il2 therapy saw only tumor growth and no shrinkage. With little or no encouragement forthcoming from the doctors, Gerry decided to take personal charge of his healing program and seek new ways to engage his immune system in the battle to defeat his cancer. Being the engineer/inventor that he is, he decided to do his own research to find new ways to awaken the good cells of his lazy immune system and send them charging into the fight. He concluded that to win this fight he must utilize support from every healing angle possible. He utilized the love and support of his family. He developed a highly focused program of Guided Imagery specific to his cancer. He received symbols of HOPE from his old friend and Olympic Gold Medalist, Paul Hait. He sought and found spiritual meaning to his life from his God and close friends. Pursuing the best available medical technology he consulted one of the top Kidney Cancer specialists. Becoming proactive at the national level, he served a three-year term on the Kidney Cancer Association Board. He is currently developing a patient mentoring program for his foundation and for the University of Chicago. Gerry*s life was spared and he is now unselfishly sharing with the entire world his story as told in his book, “Cancer Wars-MAARS Journey”. This book chronicles his story and the positive methodology he used to conquer his cancer. Having been translated into Chinese, the book is on the Internet free to cancer patients all over the world. The guided imagery exercises in the book have been produced in CD format for national and international distribution. MAARS is an acronym for Mind Activated Antigen Recognition System. It presents a direct neural approach to enable the agents of the human immune system to recognize the antigen (antibody generator) that is expressed on the surface of cancer cells and thus destroy them. Gerry’s lifetime goal of providing information based healing to cancer patients has resulted in the founding of the Seeds of Joy Foundation which was formed in close association with his good friends Dr. Nick Vogelzang, Paul Hait, and Mary Mathew Philip . The Seeds Of Joy healing approach offers an affordable, patient controlled healing program, which is currently expressed in a balanced system of HOPE, FAITH, LOVE, GUIDED IMAGERY and the BEST MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY AVAILABLE. Seeds of Joy seminars are planned for various parts of the country. Success will be achieved when cancer comes to be viewed by the public as a “manageable affliction”. Gerry, a fighter in the tradition of his native Texans, recently said that, “When cancer patients take charge of their lives, and use the proven Seeds of Joy techniques, they will send the insidious cancer cell back to hell from whence it came.”

“When you are at your lowest, the Seeds of Joy are being planted”, Paul Hait
USCF Laurel Heights
Conference Center Auditorium
3333 California Avenue
San Francisco, CA