John Strano

I am writing to say thank you from the bottom of my/our hearts. We have received some great news’s from the Doc’s, as you know my husbands RCC tumor was massive in size, Fuhrman grade 4, my husband was given great news after surgery in 2000. “We got it all”, go home enjoy life, nothing else to do, your healed.

Well this was not so as he presented with lung metastasis in 26 months. He had lung surgery for a small mass, then later we learned he had 8-10 more nodules in his lungs, I cannot put into words how this news affected us as a loving couple and our family. On our first visit to a RCC specialist, the prognosis was grim, we were at a loss. those words… 3 months, 6 months.. a few years, they simply remove the breath from your lungs. It was a devastating blow to us as a couple, as there is no greater love, and to our children. Emotionally we were in a black hole of despair and anxiety, I was desperate for help and guidance, it was then that I came across your book, CANCER WARS, MARRS JOURNEY.

We read this and I simply can not explain to you the hope it gave us. As we came to know you and your group of mentors, our whole world changed, we changed, we learned about guided imagery and relaxation and how to draw on our inner spirit, our higher power, God. The words of encouragement from you and what we now consider our group of friends was sent from God. When we needed prayers and encouragement , you and the group were there for us. I can not find the words to tell you what immense help to us your guidence was and continues to be. You and they taught us how to reach into our heart, mind and inner spirit through repetition with your wonderful healing tapes and lessons of guided imagery to help heal the mind and body, we are seeing the results. My husbands testing the last 6 months have showed stability in all growth and in fact one has decreased to a shadow, really not visible! The stability has gone on since we started to follow your program.

You have given us great strength, you have changed the way we think of this disease, in fact you have changed the way we live, we listen to your tapes and others on healing yourself faithfully, it has given us such peace of mind, body and spirit. What we learned from you was so valuable we can never thank you enough, we fully expect our miracle to come, as others have, as yours has. Besides our marriage, our children and the birth of our grandchildren , your mentoring is the most important thing that has happened in our lives. We no longer fear the unknown as we know what it will be, and that is complete healing.. When John has testing and the anxiety comes, he says, put on the tapes.and like a miracle the peace envelopes and comes to us, like loving arms, in fact we are unable to go to sleep and sleep peacefully while his body heals unless we go to sleep listening to your voice. And the others in the group who send us peace of mind, prayers and are always there to send there arms to us, to me, to lift me out of fear and the dark hole of despair, how can I ever thank you for this program of hope, healing and for allowing us to find our inner strength. May God always be with you as we know he will be always with us, for this Hope and Healing I thank you our Dear friend.

Carol and John Strano