An Introduction to Gerald White

Hello, My Name is Gerald White. I’d like to welcome you to my website. Since being diagnosed with cancer myself, I have dedicated my life to sharing a potent tool which I developed to restore hope and give strength through the use of guided imagery. Initially, my focus was on sharing the program that I developed with other cancer patients. Realizing that this powerful tool was useful to help other people, I have expanded my program to help patients fighting multiple sclerosis and also alcohol and drug addiction. The resources that you will find here are here for your benefit. I am a cancer survivor who was diagnosed with a 20 pound tumor on my left kidney which subsequently went metastatic to my lungs. I developed the MAARS program outlined in my book “Three Months to Life” after having been given “Three Months to Die”. This was in 1993 and I am still working with and mentoring cancer patients today! This site is designed to guide you through the process of learning about Guided Imagery with programs designed to restore hope, give you strength and to help put you back in control of your disease. Though the majority of this site is focused on Guided Imagery for cancer, there are links in the left hand menu bar for those folks dealing with MS, traumas and addiction with guided imagery programs to help.

Bringing Guided Imagery to Children

More recently, in response to request from several successful patients, I have written a book and developed a guided imagery CD for children with pediatric cancer. I am excited to bring guided imagery to children who are suffering from this dreaded disease.

Please visit links to the left for information on all of these afflictions and access these programs on my Order Page located on the left also.

Please watch the video below for a message from me and some words of encouragement.

Gerald Explains the MAARS Program of Mind/Body Medicine to Dallas TV Personality, Dee Taylor

Spontaneous Remission?

“It must be noted that so called “spontaneous remissions” really do occur and there has never been a cancer that did not have some “unexplained” survivors.”
This suggests that if we can just understand the mechanism of these remissions, we can induce them in patients. There are some independent facts about the human immune system and cancer that, when added together, suggest a powerful and heretofore virtually untapped resource as a very effective treatment modality for cancer.

The Pathway to Remission

“There is a direct neural pathway of communication to the human immune cells”
This pathway is independent of the endocrine system through which chemotherapy agents are normally injected in the hope of reaching the bad cells by the circulatory system. There has never been a cancer cell that could not be killed by one or more elements of the human immune system.

Who Are These Cancer Cells?

“Unlike a germ or a virus which comes into the body from an external source, a cancer cell is a mutation of a good cell – a good cell gone wrong. Perhaps this is a reason why antigen recognition can take so long leaving the cancer cell to dwell among the good cells without being attacked by agents of the immune system. The identification of “friend or foe” has throughout history been a classic battlefield problem. Cancer cells are not the all powerful, invulnerable killers that they have been portrayed to be”
Cancer cells are actually rather weak, poorly organized and incapable of repairing themselves. Moreover, they are stupid, not intelligent, organisms since they destroy the very host that gives them sustenance. They act like the village idiot who is sitting on the very tree limb he is in the act of sawing off.

How are They Recognized?

“There has never been a cancer cell that could not be killed by one or more of the agents in the human immune system”
Every cancer cell has on its surface a characteristic marker the we call “Antigen” – acronym for “ANTIbody GENerator” . This may be thought of as the “fingerprint” or muddy footprint marking an intruder. The antigen is not the cell any more than a fingerprint is not a person yet each have the capability of identifying a wrong doer and marking it for punishment.

What is MAARS?

“MAARS is an acronym that stands for “Mind Activated Antigen Recognition System”"
The MAARS system is intended to use mind/body communication to focus your immune system on fighting your cancer. This program consists of my book “Three Months to Life” and my newly re-mastered CD “MAARS Program, Guided Imagery for Cancer Patients”. Combining the information in my book and the exercises in my CD is like a one-two punch to cancer of all types. To obtain your copy, please go to the order page after reviewing the information on this website.

Why Guided Imagery?

“There must be another way”
I developed the MAARS Program through research and necessity when all of my doctors had given up on my cancer and told me that I had three more months to live. It is an upbeat program of mind/body medicine that has enabled many cancer patients to take charge and achieve the goal of remission. The stories involve actual cancer patients who have done this very thing.

What are the parts of the MAARS Program?

“Guided imagery, that helps to restore hope”
As you move through each page of this website, you will get more information about my program and see how it has helped others. Additionally, we will talk a bit about the method of mind/body medicine, guided imagery, that helped to restore my hope and eventually lead to my remission. You will also read the stories of those who have used my program and how their lives have been affected.

Who is Talking?

Dr. Bob Richards was particularly impressed with the possibilities of my program. He has put together an inspirational video for the website which can be viewed by clicking on his picture above.

What is so special about this program?

“Encoded with Alpha Waves which will help you to experience a deeper sense of relaxation”
This program was designed to take the cancer patient from a state of fear to a state of hope and then onto a state of expectation which sets the stage for remission. This is done through relaxation and imagery exercises on my CD. This CD is new in that it is encoded with Alpha Waves which will help you to experience a deeper sense of relaxation and thus receive more of a benefit from the exercises. The Alpha State is a state where you will experience a much deeper sense of relaxation and communication between the left and right brain.

How do I learn more?

“The world wide web is a sea of information and misinformation and a whole lot of depressing statistics without much description”
If you are reading this website for the first time, you are more than likely dealing with the dreaded cancer diagnosis and searching for answers.

In addition to coping with the diagnosis and all of the emotions that come with it (fear, panic, despair…), you find yourself thrust into the task of trying to understand, in a very short time, the terms, treatments and other medical information that it took your oncologist years to understand. It is overwhelming. In a state of panic and fear, it is almost impossible.

What Do I Do Next?

“Step One, Relaxation, Pure and Simple”
My program starts with relaxation exercises which are designed to eliminate the panic and despair that you are now feeling and restore hope. This first step is absolutely critical to getting you to a state of mind where you can make good decisions regarding your treatment. My book provides the “why” and my CD provides the “how” of using patient friendly guided imagery to battle cancer.

The links at the left hand side of this page are intended to be viewed, in order, from top to bottom. As you read through each link, you will learn more about me and about others who have beaten cancer using my method. My program is not intended to replace traditional treatment modalities but is intended to augment treatment that you are either already on or will be on. My book “Three Months to Life” will give you the details on my journey and how I developed this system out of necessity. My book also gives you descriptions of the immune system, the way that I used guided imagery to beat my cancer and the stories of others who have used this same system to help beat their cancers. Again, this is not a replacement for treatment but another potent tool to augment your treatment.

My newest program for children is intended to give parents and those children suffering from cancer yet another tool to fight the disease in a way that is children friendly. It is also located in the Order Page area.